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  • Yuchen & Xiaoqing @ Universal Studio @ LA
  • Yuchen @ Rotunda @ UVa.
  • Yuchen @ Great Falls Park @ Virginia
  • Yuchen & Xiaoqing @ Shenandoah National Park @ Virginia
  • Yuchen Tebowing @ Key West @ FL

Hi! My name is Yuchen Zhou, I am currently a fourth fifth year senior Ph.D. student at University of Virginia, majoring in computer engineering. Although my major is computer engineering, my advisor is in computer science department, which means I mostly do stuffs on the computer science side. I am expected to graduate soon and am looking for a job.

My research is mainly on web security, specifically on confining and monitoring the behaviors of third-party JavaScripts. Recently, I've also done a project involving automatically finding logic errors in protocol implementations and pitfalls in developer's guide at MSR Redmond. For more information please visit my department webpage or blog.

I do all kinds of sports and activities in my spare time, find out more at here.

Please find my contact information at here.

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