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  • Yuchen & Xiaoqing @ Universal Studio @ LA
  • Yuchen @ Rotunda @ UVa.
  • Yuchen @ Great Falls Park @ Virginia
  • Yuchen & Xiaoqing @ Shenandoah National Park @ Virginia
  • Yuchen Tebowing @ Key West @ FL

Hi! My name is Yuchen Zhou, I am currently a fourth fifth year Ph.D. student at University of Virginia, majoring in computer engineering. Although my major is computer engineering, my advisor is in computer science department, which means I mostly do stuffs on the computer science side.

My research is mainly on web security, specifically on confining and monitoring the behaviors of third-party JavaScripts. Recently, I've also done a project involving automatically finding logic errors in protocol implementations and pitfalls in developer's guide at MSR Redmond. For more information please visit my department webpage or blog.

I do all kinds of sports and activities in my spare time, find out more at here.

Please find my contact information at here.

One of my hobbies (perhaps the biggest one) is to play Magic the Gathering, however playing MTG could be expensive. Therefore I intended to build a MTG platform for limited (Draft/Sealed) gameplay using entirely HTML5 websocket and JavaScript. Some features have already been implemented but the project is currently stalled because I don't have much free time; If you are interested in collaboration please don't hesitiate to email me.

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